2007 Turkey Shoot  
    Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th March

Caboolture & District Bowmen,
Phelps Rd, Upper Caboolture.

This year it will be Shot over 2 days, the tournament comprises of 50 painted turkey targets set in and around the Caboolture Bowmen Archery complex. With a mixture of both hens and strutters, the course will be challenging but not soul-destroying.

In addition to the turkey ranges, there will be a separate 3D target range, this is a special round being held on Saturday,

This year the courses are going to be 25 Saturday with a special round and 25 Sunday with best of best Sunday

Tournament Rules

Now turkeys can be difficult to hit on a good day and usually there is only 1 or 2 on a course, but a course of 10 turkeys may be a little daunting.

Although the tournament is sanctioned by 3DAAA, it is not considered part of the 2007 shooter of the year program, it is great practice for everyone and promises to be a lot fun.

With that in mind and to make the courses as friendly as possible, especially for the barebow shooters, the shoot committee has decided to alter the rules for the shoot. These shoot division and distance rules are applicable to the turkey ranges.

3D-AAA Rules for Shoot will apply in general except in the following circumstances:

* The Green peg will be split with barebow going to Yellow and sighted shooting different distances.
* Only the scores shot on the turkey ranges count towards the shooters overall total for the event.

Maximum distances will be:

Red peg 15 yards ( All Cubs Unaided, CubF, )

White peg 25 yards ( Trad, Cubs Aided, RU, FU,YF)

Yellow peg 35 yards ( RA , MCU, YMR13-14, YMF, FBF)

Green peg 45 yards (Hunter, MBF, MBR, FBO, FBR, MSR60+ MSR female, YMR 15-17)

Orange peg 50 yards (MBO, MSR-60, )

In addition to the above there may also be some new score zones not previously seen on the hen turkeys.

1 score zone will be more prominent than the other.


Shoot fees are the same as a normal 3DAAA tournament.

This fee includes both the 50 turkey targets and 1 special round on saturday


A Best of the Best shoot-out will be held at the end of the shoot. Trophies will be awarded to the winners of the shoot-outs as well as 1st, 2nd & 3rd placing's in ALL divisions. .


Our amenities block will provide you with toilets and bush showers. Lunch will be available.

2008 Event

Your participation at this event will determine if that is possible.

Please support the event!

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