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A new committee was elected on 22nd July, see Contact Us page for details.


Your membership renewal fees were due on April 1st 2007. If you have not yet paid, and wish to remain a member of Caboolture & District Bowmen, please forward your payment to a committee member as soon as possible.

Smoking Regulations

Due to new legislation and the fire risk our club has introduced a no smoking policy. Don’t worry you can still smoke at the club, but only in designated areas. Obviously smoking in the canteen/clubhouse area where food is prepared and eaten is not permitted. However, you are free to smoke in the car park area. There will be designated smoking areas on the ranges, amd these will be clearly marked and tins provided for your butts

Kids On Ranges

While we at the club are happy to spend time with, and help your kids to learn archery, please remember that we are not a baby sitting service. If your child (under 18yrs) comes to the club, please stay with your child where possible. Remember all children “MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES”.

New Merchandise

Some new merchandise is now available. We have colour stickers for sale that are cut in the shape of our logo. They are great for sticking on your car window, bow cases, score cards or anything else you can think of. They will sell for $3 each. We also have new shirts. They are selling for just $30 and have been a huge hit so far with everyone. We have them available for sale now at the club but the sizes are limited, so be quick.

20th Anniversary Shoot

February 13th 2008 will be the club’s 20th anniversary. We are planning a special celebration for this shoot, including some special awards, and plaques to hang in the canteen. We would like to combine our 3DAAA sanctioned shoot with this event, although unfortunately we may have to settle for the shoot to be in March, as February is unavailable. If you have any ideas that might help make this shoot something really special please share them with us. We have lots of time to plan it but we can’t leave it all to the last minute. You can use the suggestion box if it is easier and we’ll grab your ideas from there.

Our Next Club Shoot is on  Sunday 25th November

Some times it's nice to hear that your efforts are being well received.

Dear Committee member and whoever organises the C&DB web site and monthly newsletter,

As a newbie to the sport and to the Caboolture area, I would like to thank whoever is responsible for organising the club web site and those who get the monthly newsletter out each month. It has provided me with all the basic information about 3D archery and much information that is not easily accessible to new players. The club gave me a warm welcome and a non-threatening environment to learn more about a complex discipline.

The newsletter has given me a sense of belonging to a vital and growing sport. I believe that many younger potential members will find the sport a satisfying discipline and a personally rewarding experience. I believe this to be a very worthwhile experience in today's easygoing culture. My congratulations to the committee for taking this very interesting sport into the 21st century and for welcoming new members and helping them understand how it all works.

From all at Caboolture,  Thank you all.