45 - 53 Phelps Rd, Upper Caboolture, QLD 4510


Caboolture Bowmen's club grounds are on 10 acres of medium-density
woodlands just west of Caboolture - How to get to the Club.

The canteen provides great lunches at modest prices on shoot days,
never any need to bring your own food here.

Club Entrance off Phelps Road
The permanent practice range is available all year round to club members.
Practice Range
A semi-permanent creek and several gullies, along with light and shade areas, provide plenty of scope for setting of difficult shots. Numerous trails through the bush also allow for unlimited variation in the setting of courses, so that every shoot is a new experience.
Range 1
Range 2
Below are some of the critters you can expect to encounter on a 3D shoot. The turkeys are definitely not user-friendly!

Scoring zones shown outlined on a deer. The '11' zone comes into effect in 2007.

Every part of the animal, outside the 8 zone, excepting hooves and horns, scores as a 5.

Missing the animal completely, or hitting hoof or horn, scores 0.