The Canga Archery Pro Series is a shoot where you can earn yourself up to $300. Al Alcorn from Canga Archery Supplies started this game and has put up $300 for first place.

Hereís how it works...this shoot is run in conjunction with our normal Club or Points shoots. At each club or points shoot, held at Caboolture, Ipswich, North Albert or Hinterland, there will be a registration form separate from the normal registration for the shoot. The cost to enter the competition is $5 per shoot , times 6 shoots, or $30 up front. You then go ahead and shoot your normal shoot but two of these shoots must be at Caboolture.

The scores from the shoot that day donít count towards anything, but you are registering to be eligible for the prize at the final. So after you've paid your $30, you then attend the final shoot, which will be held at Caboolture on November 12th, 2006. Your scores from that day only are compared with the other entrants and the person with the highest score wins the $300.

All other money is entered into a prize pool and this will be divided up and paid out to half of the people who qualify. So you stand a good chance of winning something. Also if you shoot Barebow (no sights) you are given an extra 10 points per round handicap, so you still stand a good chance of competing against the sighted shooters.

If you need any more information about any of these shoots please donít hesitate to contact me.