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3DAAA Shoots Explained

3DAAA Rules and Divisions  

 Invitational Shoot Series, Rules and Procedure 


These are 3D competition shoots held everywhere from Victoria to QLD. The main ones we are concerned with are the QLD Series shoots, marked in maroon on your calendar.

Most of you will think these are for the hard core, competitive archers but they are more than that. They are a great opportunity to get away from it all, go camping with the family and have a wonderful weekend shooting and having fun. These shoots are held over two days, shooting 30 targets on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. There is usually a Top 10 held on Saturday afternoon as well. This is a great opportunity to see the best of our archers put their talent to the test to see who will emerge as the “Top Dog” for the weekend.

Anyone who comes along is welcome to join what we have named "Camp Caboolture", where we all camp together and have a lot of fun, Sitting around the campfire at night, playing soccer, playing the Vortex or whatever it is you like to do. One shoot is by the beach, so you can go and frolic on the sand after the shoot. Or you could go and do some sight seeing in the local area. What better way to spend a weekend!!!

Now that 3DAAA have introduced a Non Competitive division it is the perfect opportunity to come along and try a 3D competition without the stress of having to do well. Of course you can always join your division based on your age and equipment used, and see how you go. You might just surprise yourself!! If you shoot in a competitive division you will then be eligible for Shooter of the Year, and a trophy in the QLD Series (if you place in the Top 3).

You must shoot at least 3 shoots in QLD and the Nationals to be eligible. There are also trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at each 3DAAA event that you attend and all the kids are (usually) given a certificate or some sort of participation/encouragement award. Of course you don't have to go to compete at that level just yet if you don't want to, but like I said it's a great place to learn our sport and to have some fun.


On an average of once a month we hold a 3D club shoot (marked in yellow on your calendar at the club).

These shoots are when we put out our 3D targets, and there will be 20 of them placed around the club grounds.

For a cost of $15 per adult, $8 for juniors and kids under 12 for free, you can shoot all 20 targets twice. We also put on lunch for a small fee of about $2.50 - $3.

So normally you would shoot 20 targets, stop and have lunch and then go and shoot the 20 targets again. You will also be given a score card so that you can keep track of your scores.



Within the club we hold a little competition designed to encourage our newer members to keep trying and practicing to get better.

This is our
"Intra club" competition. Basically whenever we hold a 3D club shoot (marked in yellow on your calendar) at Caboolture, we collect everyone's score sheets and enter all the information on the computer. Then we work out everyone's average score.

After two shoots have passed we can then look at the previous average for each person and compare it with the new average to see who has improved the most since the previous shoot.

Once we see who has improved the most for the month, we award a “Most Improved” trophy to that person and their name and photograph will be placed on the club's website.

It doesn't cost any extra to participate and in each newsletter I will publish everyone's results so that you can keep a check on how well you are doing.

It's great motivation to keep you practicing and improving your skills. Also, it doesn't matter if you only shoot say 20 targets, because it is worked out on your average for those 20 targets and not your score.

The way this event is run it means that those who are good shots have less chance for improvement than the newer members who are improving all the time.


The Canga Archery Pro Series is a shoot where you can earn yourself up to $300. Al Alcorn from Canga Archery Supplies started this game and has put up $300 for first place.

Here's how it works...this shoot is run in conjunction with our normal Club or Points shoots. At each club or points shoot, held at Caboolture, Ipswich, North Albert or Hinterland, there will be a registration form separate from the normal registration for the shoot. The cost to enter the competition is $5 per shoot , times 6 shoots, or $30 up front. You then go ahead and shoot your normal shoot but two of these shoots must be at Caboolture.

The scores from the shoot that day don't count towards anything, but you are registering to be eligible for the prize at the final. So after you've paid your $30, you then attend the final shoot, which will be held at Caboolture on November 12th, 2006. Your scores from that day only are compared with the other entrants and the person with the highest score wins the $300.

All other money is entered into a prize pool and this will be divided up and paid out to half of the people who qualify. So you stand a good chance of winning something. Also if you shoot Barebow (no sights) you are given an extra 10 points per round handicap, so you still stand a good chance of competing against the sighted shooters.