45 - 53 Phelps Rd, Upper Caboolture, QLD 4510
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Caboolture Bowmen is committed to promote Archery in a social and family environment.
To encourage the development of our youth, through coaching and personal example, and
to assist the handicapped in the community to participate in, and enjoy a great sport.

Practice for 3DAAA Nationals. 20 target round being held at Buderim Archery Centre on 21st October. Contact Al (Canga) for details

Caboolture Bowmen has a new committee. Refer to the Contact Us page for details

2007 3DAAA Sanctioned Shoot - details here

Rules of the Shoot for SE QLD Invitational Shoot available here

Caboolture Bowmen Newsletter now online. Click here to view September 07 Newsletter

Membership Forms for Caboolture Bowmen and 3DAAA are now available for download here along with the Information and Safety Booklet

2007 Shooting Calendar is available here

3D Archery originated as a means for hunters to practice in the off season. It has evolved into a popular world-wide sport. The targets are made from a self-healing foam rubber and look very much like the real thing. Targets are placed in natural settings at distances of up to 50 yards. At a normal club shoot 40 targets would be shot, one arrow per target. In competitions a total of 50 targets would be shot over two days. Score zones are visible on the target and at the end of the day/weekend, highest score wins. With many categories to choose from, all archers of varying equipment levels and age groups are catered for. All types of bow (except crossbow) are accepted at the Caboolture & District Bowmen Club.

Whether you want to shoot at a competitive level or just quietly on your own, our club caters for you. Archery is very much a self-sport, but there are varying degrees of competition as well, from club, to state and National levels. The club has practice butts and two paper courses that are permanently set out for you to come and practice at any time. Shoot fees apply and you can contact us to find out more about shoot fees, membership fees and other requirements.

Caboolture & District Bowmen are associated with 3D AAA ( 3D Archery Association of Australia).

We hold a shoot once a month as well as 3 major tournaments throughout the year. Check out our Calendar to see when we are hosting our Turkey Shoot, Traditional Corrival, and the 3DAAA SANCTIONED SHOOT, as well as the monthly shoot dates.

Caboolture Bowmen also hosts the Canga Archery Pro Series

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